By creating peace from within, we transform our lives and the world around us. Our workshops are designed to connect with the highest aspect of our being, in order to tap into our full potential. As we learn to connect with our true identity rather than our external perceptions, we begin to experience the magic of ourselves in this extraordinary life.

Through purifying our thoughts and feelings that are connected to our life experiences, we can ignite our will and release our old belief systems and the patterns that cause suffering. By cultivating a relationship of self-love, our higher dimensional awareness will increase. We know that we are far more than our physical bodies, so when we expand our own frequency, we are, in return, able to assist in the uplifting of others with compassion, forgiveness, and healthy boundaries. Thus, as the leader of our own being, we expand our field and allow ourselves to receive the abundance of what life has to offer.


Peace Begins In Me is an online and real live platform of information, tools, and resources for achieving inner and outer peace. We provide workshops, retreats, and events that will serve in the process of creating self love and illumination. Our goal is to encourage the uplifting of individuals to the highest aspect of their being. By transforming humanity to their highest potential of love, peace, and harmony, we hope to expand or Illuminate their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical reality.


Our vision is to grow and expand by supporting others workshops and courses hosted either physically or virtually. We will also sponsor workshops for underprivilaged, inner city youth and families. It is our vision that each and every one of us effects the larger whole, and that we have the ability as human beings to heal ourselves and heal our planet. Believing that peace truly begins within, one travels inwards on a journey thru the dimensions of heart, and soul. Understanding that Peace Begins In Me.


Angela Lindvall

Angela Lindvall has been known publicly as a high fashion model for 20 years. Since a young age she has always been drawn to human consciousness, metaphysics, Ancient cultures, and spirituality. She began to privately study feverishly at the age of 15- questioning life's purpose, and researching as a hobby. After becoming a mother of two, and slowing down her career, she became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, Health coach, and recently started her certification as a Doula. Being “The Mother” she considers her true calling and purpose in life. For over 3 years she has been invisioning and creating the direction to share this purpose beyond her own children. This is the birth of Peace Begins In Me.

Kayren Pace

Kayren has a been working in the healing Arts for 27 years now. Starting with the physical teaching exercise , nutrition, and doing massage. Then learning and sharing phycology , spiritual and mental, moving into shamanic work , understanding the energetic makeup of us and the ancestral patterning we all are a part of. Then moving into the Quantum space working with sound and light frequencies, learning to play Crystal bowls and sing light language. Learning the deepest truths and helping to teach what she has uncovered is her life mission. "The heart is the true thinker. When we open ourselves in heart and minds and spirit we enable ourselves to uncover our true nature."

Drew Broadrick

Drew Broadrick is a playfully disciplined and open hearted musical artist and teacher. For 25 years he has been bringing his gifts as a vocalist, pianist, guitarist and percussionist to the dance space, the recording studio and the stage.  He's a songwriter and performer of many genres, from folk to reggae, classical to funk, and most notably improvisation. He drops into the existing vibration of any moment and loves to create from there. Drew has experienced hundreds of human conditions through teaching and leading vocal healing sessions. “It all boils down to one thing”, says Drew. “Eliminating the negative inner critic from the experience of making sound. We do this by rebuilding our conviction as vocalists, experiencing for ourselves the power, beauty and versatility of our own voice in a safe container.”

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