Our True Identity

We live in the material world. A world made of dense matter. We have a physical body made of cells, atoms, electrons, and molecules. Our physiological system is a complex matrix of mind body and spirit that works together in miraculous ways to sustain our life. We wake day to day dealing with the mundane 9-5 life. We have so many things to deal with from the outside. Shower, get dressed, eat, drive to work, do our business, run a household, pay bills, and raise kids. We have so many external influences including advertisements, social media, TV, politics, entertainment, friends, and family. There are so many distractions and dramas that attract our attention. Are we good enough, rich enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, efficient enough… Are we ever enough? How do we keep up with it all? And then we rinse and repeat: back to sleep to wake up and start all over again. It can start to feel like a monotonous grind of constant ups and downs that create a sense and feeling of hopelessness and disconnection.

Somewhere in our evolution to modern times, we disconnect yourself from the unseen realms. We lost connection with the energetic field of life force energy that fills and sustains us. We became so attached to the material world and the physical realm that we lost the awareness of our energetic bodies. We have disconnected from our higher consciousness. We became ruled by the endless chatter of the mind. We’ve forgotten our ability to generate energy from within, manifest our reality, and partake in the magic that is all around us. We closed our eyes to the big picture. We lost our true identity.

Imagine, waking each day embodied in your fullest potential. Connecting with the infinite part of the true YOU in you. The aspect of life that’s miraculous, which creates worlds. Imagine breathing in life force energy into every cell of your physical body, then showering your energetic body with infinite reserve of light. Feel yourself opening your heart to the divine love that has no boundaries. Imagine vibrating with the cosmos and feeling that energy penetrates every aspect of your being. This simple act of gratitude and awareness upon waking has a profound impact on our lives in the reconnection to our true identity.

MIND: Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Science has stated that we have harnessed only a fraction of our brain’s full potential. Yes, we use our whole brains but what lies beyond the potential of this human organ that to this day is still more complex than science can understand. Drporn: pornhubgay: a blog content

Connecting with the highest aspect of our being of pure consciousness through awareness and meditation we can pour infinite love unto ourselves –this is our true identity. Instead of identifying with the “social norm”, opinions, or trying to get approval from others, we learn to nourish ourselves and identify what is truly meaningful in life. Through nourishing, loving, and accepting ourselves, we live to our fullest potential and are a blessing to those around us. We then can be rays of light to serve others and create harmony on this planet. More info here

BODY: We are living in a new era and frontier of discovery in our species’ evolutionary process. DNA is now known to be a fluid building block that can be activated or deactivated based on our surroundings, life circumstances, which in turn impact our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Through our daily choices, we create our lives which then allows for the reflection of our physical health, our mental balance, our relationships with others, and the whole Earth ecosystem. This reflective process effects how we feel about ourselves. When we act out from a limited mind, we disconnect from our true identity. Oftentimes we experience pain, turmoil, and destruction. We have the opportunity in our daily lives to shift instantly by the simple act of awareness and coming back into the breath. In the not too distant future, we will be able to track the impact of our daily choices that effect our mind, body spirit, and the direct correlation of these choices on our DNA.

SPIRIT: We connect with the source of all of life through pure conscious life force energy. We not only do this by taking complete accountability and embracing our freedom of choice and free will by being aware of what we put in our physical bodies. We also do this through a daily connection to the infinite reserve of energy stored within us and around us. Through a daily practice of actively breathing this source of life deeply into our body through consciously inhaling, exhaling, and by focusing our mind on one point of infinity which allows our mind body and spirit to become still and silent.

This physical universe is an immaculate playground of beauty and abundance teaming with life. The pure thought of incarnating into physical reality is a miracle. Nature herself offers a seasonal array of bountiful terrain of stimulation to our senses. We are nourished by the fruits of the harvest and provided with the medicinal healing of her leaves. Her waters quench our thirst and bath us in the beauty of her bosom.

When we tap into the infinite energy within us and around us, we connect with our true identity. We become the directors of our life’s play. We create fewer dramas around us and are able to deal with the conflicts we can’t control more easily. More-so, through caring for ourselves, we become the masters of our reality and create a world that only our imagination can foresee. By going within, we don’t have to go without. Peace begins in me.

By: Angela Lindvall


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