The Mind is the Soul

The Mind is the SOUL

The mind is neither your friend nor your enemy. It is the soul –a place for source to work through, to manifest your greatest or worst life. The way I see it is that we have two minds, one is the mechanical mind, a machine full of all of the things you’ve learned in from your parents, friends, and teachers in school as well as your experiences that you’ve had. It is also the house for your fears and negative thoughts associated with your past experiences or the positive ecstatic ones. The eons of information humanity have believed in from science, math, and social norms that constantly change with the minds of society. The other mind is the mind of God or your divine mind. Everything you need is there and you must believe and tap into this infinite source with clarity and trust. With imagination and an open heart and you will arrive at your highest guidance.


The music you listen to, scary movies you’ve seen, the TV shows you’ve watched, and the social media that you are constantly tapped into influence you more than you know. These are not the truth, but are governing your beliefs and your perspective. We all make choices based on these perspectives. In order to get a real view of our life, we must drop into the neutral mind –place that is not driven by anything we’ve known before or anything we’ve been influenced into thinking. It is the NOW moment. This takes coming out of a dual way of being an opening to the most expansive, trusting, self-loving, and imagination-driven place in the mind and heart. In order for this to happen, we must open our pineal or the third eye to see from an internal place. One that takes practice, trust, and self-love to happen. The pineal is often called the seat of your soul –a portal out of the Matrix. We must let go of our old stories and powerful negative mind patterns in order to exist here. Meditation, breathwork, high vibrational foods, and tapping into the unseen realms are a few ways of arriving into this space. The one that imagination, art, creativity, deep knowledge, and self-love come from.

Our Feelings are created by our thinking, our fears, and our perceived experiences. It’s important to allow those feelings to come thru our body/mind but don’t believe the feelings. They can be a gage that allows us to see what is right or wrong for our lives. When we get stuck in them we can become depressed, angry, sad or overly sensitive to life keeping us from moving forward in our mission and purpose. Even getting lost in the happy, good feelings can keep us from knowing who we are. It’s important to allow the body/mind to experience all the feelings but allow them to move thru, like a beautiful river flowing thru our earth. Clearing and helping the movement of blocks and obstacles to be removed from our path to self-love.

When we get clear and open we can drop into the divine nature and think with our heart. The healing of our disease, anger, and seeming separation comes from forgiveness, compassion, and deep love. Allowing our heart to experience the point of view or pain of the other can help us to heal from anything.

There are a beautiful technique and wisdom that I learned from the shaman in Peru. It’s called, “Stepping Off of the Triangle.” The VICTIM is wanting to be saved by the SAVIOR, but it’s the Victims job to do their work, so the savior becomes the perpetrator because one can’t save the other. So, we want to step out of these roles with all of the people in our lives. It’s important to understand that the perpetrator and the victim are the same energy, one cannot exist without the other. So, both are part of the equation. This is a high level of existence when we can get to this point of understanding. We must take responsibility for ourselves and our energy. It is very disempowering to BLAME others for our unhappiness or to give others credit for our gifts and accomplishments. We are the creators of our lives.


 By: Kayren Pace

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