F . J O H N O W E N & F I O N A O W E N


We are so much more than we think.

I’m trying to mirror myself and my male part onto this earth.

What I’m understanding is that he’s here in myself, my etheric body.

We are one with everything –not a concept but a knowing.

Because I am whole already –wanting nothing because there is nothing lacking,

Hell is being stuck in my mind,

Spinning my wheels, looking for a way out of a maze.

One full of lust, greed, negative patterns of loss, grief, and self loathing.

Trying to please the outside world.

Which is made of shadows souls sleeping to be the puppets in our stories.

Made only by our mind, having nothing to do with the truth of unity –oneness.

The being in front of us.

The projections of unfinished thoughts, feelings, experiences onto the canvas of my life show me only what I am. Nothing more. Nothing less.  

Peace begins in me.

This mind,

This body,

This sex,

This soul,

This feeler.

This being writing this word.

Welcome home to your point of consciousness.

Your expression or cell in the universe.

May the cosmic truth rain upon us all so we can know.


By, Kayren Pace

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